How's the coffee?

We tested dozens of coffee roasts to pick the right one to use for the Awesome Coffee Club. Since we've only got one roast, we wanted to make sure it was exactly right!

The Awesome Coffee Club roast is a medium/medium-dark roast of arabica beans (although if you're used to Starbucks coffee, it's closer to a light roast). It has bold chocolate notes that are a little on the dark side and a roasty flavor (without tasting burnt). 

We source the coffee beans through Sucafina from a farmer collective in Colombia and the beans are roasted in St. Louis by First Crack. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Coffee

What is all of this?

The Awesome Coffee Club is a subscription service that delivers freshly roasted coffee to the mailing address of your choice on a monthly basis. On that front, it is not a particularly radical idea. But the Awesome Coffee Club is different.

How is it different?

First, because we are committed to ensuring that the people who work to grow, pick, roast, package, and deliver your coffee are compensated fairly and that your coffee is produced without furthering deforestation. You can learn more about how we source high-quality Colombian coffee directly from farmer collectives here.

Second, because 100% of the profits generated by the Awesome Coffee Club go to support efforts to reduce maternal and child mortality in impoverished communities. This means all of our post-tax profit goes to supporting charities that invest in community healthworkers, stronger healthcare systems, and healthcare access for the poor and marginalized. To learn more about where your money is going or donate directly to the cause, click here

And finally, because the coffee is really good.

How's the roast?

If you’re accustomed to specialty coffee, it’s a dark roast of arabica beans. If you’re accustomed to, like, Starbucks, it’s closer to a medium or even blonde roast. So to split the difference, we say that it’s a medium-dark roast. Here are the tasting notes the roasting geniuses at First Crack report: “Chocolate is front-and-center, specifically a mildly dark chocolate. The coffee is roasty but not burnt or acrid. There’s some non-fruit sweetness, too.”

Here is how John Green, the person writing this FAQ, would describe the roast: “It tastes really good. It mostly tastes like coffee, but somehow a little better than the coffee I used to drink.”

How much caffeine is in the coffee?

There are approximately 96mg of caffeine per 8oz of coffee.

Can I get larger amounts of coffee?

We only sell 12-ounce bags, but you can receive more than one per month or switch to every two weeks! For context: Our family has two coffee-drinking adults who drink 2-3 cups per day, and we go through around three bags per month, so we have signed up for a 3-bag-per-month subscription.

Is the packaging recyclable or biodegradable?

Our coffee is mailed in biodegradable bags (according to ASTS D6954).

Where is Awesome Coffee Club coffee roasted?

St. Louis, Missouri. It will arrive at your door 2-5 weeks after roasting!

How do I brew Awesome Coffee Club coffee?

For best results, use 195F-205F clean water, grind, brew, and drink fresh. Use clean brewing equipment and mugs.

Filter Brewing: use a grind size slightly coarser than table salt. Use a 1:16 ratio (1 part coffee to 16 parts water). Brew time: 2:30

Immersion/French Press: use a grind size like coarse salt. Use a 1:13 brew ratio (1 part coffee, 13 parts water). Brew time: 4:00

How should I store the coffee? How long will it stay fresh?

Best if used within one month of receiving. Store the coffee in the bag or an air-tight container at room temperature.

Is this coffee gluten-free? Vegan? Organic? Kosher?

Awesome Coffee Club coffee is gluten-free and vegan. Our coffee is not certified organic. While our coffee is kosher based on standards for coffee in general, it is not certified kosher.

Are there possible allergens in Awesome Coffee Club coffee?

It is incredibly unlikely for there to be possible allergens in Awesome Coffee Club coffee. Our roaster only works with coffee beans.

Can I get samples?

If you'd like to try the coffee before committing to a subscription, you can make a one-time purchase here!