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Grown in Colombia

We source our beans directly from farmers and collectives. Currently the majority of our coffee comes from the Green Coffee Company, a collective based out of the Antioquia region of Colombia.

  • The Capital of Coffee

    The majority of our coffee is grown in Salgar, Colombia by the Green Coffee Company. This collective of over 36 farms is working to change the coffee industry by retaining seasonal labor as full time and guaranteeing them fair wages, pensions, and paid time off for vacations and sick leave.

  • Before the Bean

    Like all fruiting plants, coffee cherries don’t all ripen at the same time. This means the farmers have to be experts on their trees, carefully assessing the best time to pick each of the ripe fruits.

  • Sustainable Growth

    The Green Coffee Company employs a vast nursery staff to nurture new trees and oversee every step of the planting process, guaranteeing that only the healthiest saplings are used for the next generation of trees, and that existing farms are replanted in a sustainable manner.

  • Natural Solutions for Modern Problems

    Coffee farms encourage a thick undergrowth of native plants to surround the trees. This naturally keeps the soil high in nutrients and moisture on hot days while supporting local biodiversity.

Better Practices, Better Beans

We work with a sourcing partner, Sucafina, to find the best beans. They are experts in the coffee industry and work to establish sustainable and ethical supply chains for their international partners. Not only do they make sure that the farmers are getting the best deals possible for their beans, they also work with Cafexport/Local Partners to provide community resources, education, and training so that farmers are able to produce the best coffee possible for fair prices.

  • Community

    98% of Colombia's coffee is produced by small, independent farmers and collectives. Sucafina and their colleagues at Local Partners/Cafexport work directly with these suppliers to provide education, market knowledge, and community infrastructure. This empower farmers and their communities and allows us to understand our coffee supply chain in a way most companies can’t, from the tree to your morning cup of joe.

  • Environment

    Traditionally, coffee farming is a major driver of deforestation. This is why all of the Awesome Coffee beans are grown in communities that are working to eliminate monocrop deforestation and engage in regenerative agriculture. This takes the shape of nurturing existing groves instead of clearing forest for new ones, caring for the soil and trees so that existing groves continue to flourish, and allowing abundant natural undergrowth to increase biodiversity.

  • Compensation

    We believe expert work deserves expert pay. Coffee farming is highly skilled labor, from managing the trees, to picking the cherries, to preparing them for roasting. This is why we pay higher-than-market rates for the Awesome Coffee beans, and we guarantee a minimum payment to farmers, even if rates drop. This means that we get the very best beans and farmers are able to weather market slumps and make improvements for upcoming years.

Roasted by First Crack

Once the beans are finished processing in Colombia, we ship them to our partners, First Crack, and their facility in St. Louis, Missouri, where the coffee is roasted to perfection. Not content with turning out beans that brew the smoothest cup you’ve ever tasted, First Crack also works within their local community to provide education and training in the coffee industry, strengthening their local market.

Packed by DFTBA

Grown, harvested, and roasted, the Awesome Coffee is almost ready to be delivered to your door. This is where our warehouse, located in Missoula, MT comes into play. Every month we receive the beans from First Crack, pack them with care in biodegradable polybags, and ship them to you in one to three business days to ensure you receive the freshest beans possible.

Enjoyed by You

The beans are at your door, ready to be ground and lovingly brewed in the comfort of your own kitchen. Enjoy a cup of the best coffee around, grown, roasted, and packed by the best people in the industry. Cheers!

Marie, Hawa, and Success--three members of the construction team building a world-class maternal care center in Sierra Leone thanks to your support

Proceeds to Charity

100% of profit from the Awesome Coffee Club is donated to charity to radically reduce maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone. Learn more about our community's efforts below!

Watch this video for updates on the work in Sierra Leone!