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  • Community

    We work directly with small farmers’ collectives in the Tolima region of Colombia.

  • Environment

     Awesome Coffee beans are grown in communities that are actively working to eliminate deforestation and engage in regenerative agriculture.

  • Compensation

    We pay higher-than-market rates for Awesome Coffee beans, and we guarantee a minimum payment to farmers even if market rates drop.

It’s a subscription, for coffee!

We source the best beans from small farmers and co-ops, and deliver them to your door on an easy schedule, either once a month or every two weeks. And you can feel great about this coffee! ALL profits are donated to radically reduce maternal and child mortality in Sierra Leone.

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How's the Coffee?

We only offer one roast of coffee at the moment, but we made sure it's one you're going to love!

It's a medium/medium-dark roast with a mildly dark chocolate as the main flavor note.

According to First Crack, the roasters: "The coffee is roasty but not burnt or acrid. There’s some non-fruit sweetness, too."

According to Virginia on Twitter: "This is a solid, very smooth cup of coffee. And I am incredibly picky about my coffee."

More about the coffee here!

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