How to Swap

If your susbcription was created before July 12, 2022 (or your account doesn't match the screenshots):
Instead of swapping your subscription, it may be easier for you to purchase the coffee you want and then cancel your previous subscription. You can cancel anytime by logging in to your account or reaching out to

  • 1. Log in to your account

    If you've never set up a password for your account, or the page says it does not recognize your email/password combo, click "Create Account" to activate your customer portal and set up a password. If that doesn't work, you can check the FAQ or reach out to our team at and we can send you a new account invite!

  • 2. Select the subscription you'd like to update

    Once logged in, click "Manage Subscriptions" then "View Details" for the subscription you want to update.

    If you have multiple subscriptions, they'll be listed in the order they were made. You can double-check the details once you open it to be sure you have the right one.

  • 3. Swap your current coffee

    Click the "Swap" link for the coffee you want to swap out. This will open up a pop-up menu of all the coffee available to can swap in.

  • 4. Select the coffee you prefer

    Choose which coffee you'd prefer to receive for your future orders by clicking "Swap Product" under the coffee you want. You can choose between Calypso (our light roast), Octavia (our medium-dark roast), or Paradoxica (our decaf medium-dark roast).

  • 5. Select the texture you prefer

    Once you select the roast you want, a new pop-up will appear to confirm if you'd like Whole Bean or Ground coffee. After you make your selection, click "Swap Product | $22.00". (The $22 is just letting you know how much this coffee is, you won't be charged right away!)

    Now you've swapped your coffee! One your next charge date, an order for this coffee will be processed.