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  • A photo of a brown bag of coffee with a light purple label that shows a mountain scene and has the text "Awesome Coffee Club; Calypso". The bag sites atop a light green background with whole coffee beans spread around it. There is a purple badge in the lefthand corner that reads "Light Roast Sample".
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Calypso *One Time Purchase*

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Try a 12 oz bag of the light roast coffee before subscribing. 

The ground coffee has a medium-coarse grind and the whole bean coffee gives you the choice to grind your coffee the way you want!

Both can be used for filter and immersion brewing like automatic brewers, pourovers (like the V60), french press, etc. 

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How's the Coffee?

We tested dozens of coffee roasts to pick the right ones to use for the Awesome Coffee Club. We now offer two different roasts plus decaf coffee!

Octavia is a medium/medium-dark roast of arabica beans and has bold chocolate notes that are a little on the dark side and a roasty flavor (without tasting burnt). 

Calypso is a rich, well-balanced, light roast of arabica beans with tasting notes of baked apple, chocolate, and brown sugar.

Paradoxa is a balanced medium-dark decaf roast of Arabica beans. It is sweet with slightly fruity notes of cherry and cocoa.

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